Shot from above showing Race reader and RFID antenna as sheep pass through

Race Reader

  • Fully RFID-integrated
  • Count sheep fast and accurately
  • Increase throughput with multiple readers

Automatically reading and storing the EIDs of your sheep as they pass through a race saves you time and effort and also guarantees the accuracy of your counting. But you don’t have to stop there; with multiple race readers you can increase throughput by two and even three times.

View from the end of a triple race setup showing sheep walking down each of the three lanes

The race reader is a mobile unit that inserts easily into most races. It features a flat panel reader for fast, accurate hands-free recording of signals from all RFID devices.

With its advanced synchronisation functionality it can be trusted to record accurately even in busy commercial environments such as markets and abattoirs where there may be many competing electronic signals. This also means up to three readers can be configured side by side, so even more animals can be read at a time.

This video shows how quickly large numbers of animals can pass through a multi-race reader. The electronic ID of each animal is picked up as it passes, is registered and transmitted to the app.

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