Close-up of Shearwell ear tags for sheep against background of sheep
99.5% Retention Rate
Close-up Stick Reader with farmer in background scanning animal
Shearwell EID Stick Reader
Shearwell stand showing us at a Field Day Event
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Yellow Shearwell ear tag We aim to help farmers manage their livestock more easily and more effectively. From our NLIS-accredited RFID ear tags for sheep and our electronic ID Stick Readers and mobile printers right up to our smart Auto Drafters, Weigh Crates and Race Readers, we provide the total livestock identification package.

Green Shearwell ear tag All the solutions we develop are tested by farmers for farmers and are designed to work in the field all day, every day, bringing you the data you want, when you want it. And we present that data to you as useful, usable information that you can exploit to get the most from your livestock.

Red Shearwell ear tag Shearwell Australia is the local arm of Shearwell Data Ltd, a farm-based enterprise set up on Exmoor in South West England in 1990. Even today the company operates from a purpose-built site on a working livestock farm. A great testing ground.

Orange Shearwell ear tag Shearwell Data ranks among the leaders in the field of livestock data capture and data transfer. Our technology is exported to more than 26 countries. Over the last five years we have supplied over 80 million livestock tags worldwide and we are also proud to be the UK’s most popular tag supplier.

Blue Shearwell ear tag We use the same tags, systems and equipment that we sell. That way we’re certain we are offering fellow livestock farmers everywhere the benefits of the very best technology on the market. If it’s not good enough for us, we won’t sell it.